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How 4&Co. Addresses Common Coworking Space Issues

How 4&Co. Addresses Common Coworking Space Issues

4&Co. is not your normal coworking space!

There are many reasons companies choose to use coworking spaces for their employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of the workplace, accelerating the changes that had already begun with technology companies and innovative work models.

The 20th-century workplace model had employees in cubicles, cut off from their coworkers. It was difficult to share ideas and innovate–which all companies must do to thrive. Increasingly, companies have followed the lead of technology companies and reconfigured the workspace.

The philosophy of coworking spaces means workplaces are fluid. Coworking spaces cater to people who need to share thoughts and ideas. Employees can group desks together to work on ideas and projects.

There is room for other employees to work in pairs or alone if they need to be able to focus. The office space itself is fluid with furniture designed to move around. Employees can also come and go as they wish, if deadlines are met, which means people can work remotely.

While all this innovation sounds amazing, there are some common coworking space issues. At 4&Co., we’re committed to solving coworking space issues, and ensuring a great coworking experience. Here are some common coworking space problems, and how 4&Co. addresses issues to create a dynamic coworking space experience.

Defining and Addressing Coworking Space Problems at 4&Co.

4&Co. began with the knowledge that office spaces needed to evolve. While many businesses have thrived in coworking space, not every business blends their office spaces into a hybrid workspace easily.

That Space Problem

One of the largest problems coworking companies have been figuring out how much workspace they need in shared office spaces. In a traditional office, each employee had a dedicated area they arrived at each weekday. However, the increase in remote workers and the need for fluidity in the workplace meant lots of space (and money) wasn’t utilized properly. However, with the advent of coworking space, fluidity in the workplace skyrocketed.

The problem with having fluid workspaces in a coworking office is that there are times your company needs a larger gathering area. For example, real estate agencies usually don’t need much space at all because agents work remotely. However, they may need a large meeting space for sales meetings. What happens then?

4&Co. anticipated the need for clients to change their coworking spaces, catering space to your business needs. We have all kinds of meeting rooms for you to use for your business. You can reserve a large private meeting room or conference room.

4&Co. also has smaller meeting rooms for small group or client meetings. Because you won’t need the room all day, you can rent the room by the hour, and hourly rate is determined by the size of the meeting rooms you need. The fluid coworking space allows you to have the luxury of dedicated space rental without the hassle of owning all that office space.

I Don’t Want to Be Locked into Space. What If I Need to Upsize or Downsize?

One of the best things about the 4&Co. coworking space plan is the fluidity. We offer membership plans that give you all kinds of amenities without the rental fees for work environments. You can get a small membership when your business is at an early stage.

Your membership pays for hot desks that you and other remote workers can use whenever you need them. You can also have a membership for a dedicated desk that is yours whether you are in the office or working from home.

What if you need more space for collaborative working as soon as possible? No problem. Just upgrade your membership, and you can get a dedicated office space or collaborative space.

Need a large space fast? You can rent some additional space by the hour for collaborative working, shared work, or a small businesses event.

What if you need to downsize? You can easily shift your membership from a large coworking space to private offices in no time.

What About Safety and Security?

No one wants to think about safety and security in the workplace, but it is a real concern. You only must read the news on any given day, and there are articles about safety and securing for working Americans. First, all our clients must follow our company policies, which means that everyone must follow the rules, or their membership can be terminated. Our rules are simple but necessary so that people can focus on their work.

Our office spaces are in wonderful, walkable, safe locations, and even our smallest workstations have lockable storage for personal items. If you want an office membership, those dedicated office spaces lock as well in security. We never want you to worry about security when you’re working on making your business successful.

Help! I Can’t Focus in a Coworking Space!

While many employees thrive in a coworking space, there are people who need privacy to work and think. Some employees prefer their own private area during the entire day, while others prefer to spend some time working alone in the quiet, and other time in a collaborative space with coworkers.

While we may joke about introverts and extroverts, introverts are the lifeblood of many businesses, and we love to give them those quiet spaces they need to get things done.

4&Co. offers areas for quiet work and focus, such as a private room or office. You can tailor your membership to accommodate those workers that need quiet focus time. Many of our memberships offer meeting rooms, or you can rent a room for specific time periods.

How Do I Get Started at 4&Co.?

Getting started is one of the easiest things about 4&Co. Whether you need coworking space in Pasco, or you need coworking space in Clearwater, we have the perfect space for employees.

Why not contact us today and let us help you set up a tour of our gorgeous office spaces? We’d love to help you find the perfect coworking solutions for your business.

Reach out to us today to schedule a tour of our new Pasco facility today!

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