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5 Amenities Offered By 4 & Co. Coworking Spaces

5 Amenities Offered By 4 & Co. Coworking Spaces

What are a few of the best coworking amenities offered at 4&Co.?

The concept of the workspace has changed significantly through the years. Nowadays, modern workspaces are no longer limited to the traditional office. Instead, businesses are becoming more open to flexible spaces, making way for coworking to flourish. Among the many providers to choose from, 4 &Co Coworking Spaces is one of the most recognized in Florida. 4 & Co strives to give workers and businesses a flexible workspace where they can thrive, all while building a warm and welcoming community. Check out the unique coworking amenities they offer below to learn why they are the top choice for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Fast and Secure WiFi Connection

WiFi is a must-have coworking amenity to look for when searching for an office space. Whether you need it for your emails or research, 4 & Co offers a reliable and secure Internet connection for all their coworking spaces, so you need not worry about this.

Height Adjustable Desks

Proper ergonomics is a key consideration in today’s workplace as employees tend to work long hours in the office, making them vulnerable to injuries. 4 & Co remedies this problem with height-adjustable desks in their private offices and team offices with Upside Desks and other innovative and ergonomic furniture by Haworth. With the expertise of BOS Tampa they have help to curate and design a space that listens and aids to the demands of the modern day needs and workflows of an office.

Height-adjustable desks help your employees adjust their posture while working to ensure maximum comfort. Prolonged sitting can be harmful to their health as it presses down on the spinal disc, risks muscle cramps and injury, and causes back or neck pain. A height-adjustable desk makes it possible to alternate between standing and sitting positions to keep your workers in good physical condition.

Overall, 4 & Co desks can also lead to higher productivity since your team feels more comfortable throughout their shift. Likewise, it can also improve concentration since they are not just staying in one position all day.

Conference Rooms

Beyond the dedicated desk and hot desk, 4 & Co also has rentable conference rooms to help you with your meetings. While the coworking setup promotes networking and interaction with a community of like-minded professionals, it also helps to have a private space where you can converse with your team.

Occasionally, you may want to have a brainstorming session or hold an important meeting to discuss your strategy for the upcoming period. At 4 & Co, you can easily rent a conference or meeting room at different rates, depending on your needs. Each comes with WiFi, complimentary beverages, and smart TVs, all to help you have a productive time.

Lockable Storage

4 & Co’s coworking memberships are inclusive of locker storage to provide extra security for workers. Depending on your needs, you can sign up for a hot desk or a dedicated desk for coworking. A hot desk is also known as open desk seating. You essentially sign up for a shared office, then choose any available seat whenever you drop by. You can also change your desk as often as you want.

On the other hand, dedicated desks are exactly as the name suggests—they are desks designated to a specific worker throughout their membership duration. You can think of it as a desk that you can return to all the time, allowing you to have your own personal work area.

Whatever the case, 4 & Co offers 12 x 12 x 20 locker storage for everyone with a coworking membership. This way, you can secure your belongings if you need to step out for a meal, meeting, or break.

Coffee and Tea

Any time your employees may need a pick-me-up in their day, they can get free coffee and tea from 4 & Co’s office spaces. These can give your workers the energy to power through the day and the chance to relax during their break. Given that 4 & Co offers 24/7 access for its offices, this amenity will be particularly useful during odd hours when all coffee shops are closed!

Get Top Coworking Amenities with a Workspace Membership

4 & Co is dedicated to giving workers and businesses a comfortable and flexible office space that inspires creativity and productivity. Thus, their coworking amenities are designed to provide you with everything you need to work and perform well. No need to spend time looking for an office or buying supplies and furniture—we have it all for you.

If you are interested in signing up for a membership, contact us today at (727) 725-2745. We can run you through our coworking space options and help you find the perfect one.

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