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16703 Early Riser Ave. Land O' Lakes, FL 34638
(727) 725-2745
16703 Early Riser Ave. Land O' Lakes, FL 34638

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Mission Statement

4 & Co Coworking Spaces is dedicated to not just offering a workspace but to complement the lifestyle of its members while building a community that nurtures open commerce and respect.

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How Did 4 & Co come to be

After many years of having a commercial office building, a family meeting brought the thought of coworking by Pierre. It was exactly the right choice in the changing landscape of the workplace environment. A seed was planted and was nurtured to see it grow.

What we do

We are changing the way of work. We have created not just an intentional space for health and well-being but also a space actively helping our members achieve a balance between work and life, whatever that looks like for you. By giving members total flexibility for their workspace and 24/7 access, offers the first step in achieving balance. This wasn’t good enough, we needed to help them be able to manage their personal needs as well. By offering lifestyle amenities to their workspace, we have assisted them in gaining more balance in their lives through amenities and location. This translates into transforming the workplace into a much-desired place to find peace, focus, creativeness, innovation, collaboration, and overall wellness. It’s not just your office, it’s your home away from home.

Why we do it

As a family business, we have lived and breathed the very same challenges that each of us encounters every day. We understand the stress of a long commute to work, the pressure to pick up children on time, time management to get your work done but find yourself getting up super early to get a couple of quiet hours in and burning the candle at both ends by staying up late to finish what you couldn’t do during the day. The exhaustion and overall tiredness that dulls the senses. The frustration that builds till you want to scream. It’s the little things throughout a day that contribute to these feelings. What if you could eliminate some of these issues? Therefore, we do what we do. We have studied all of these problems to come up with solutions to the problems we all face, big and small, to help our members during their workflow experience.

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