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10 Advantages Coworking Spaces Have Over Coffee Shops… Other than Coffee

10 Advantages Coworking Spaces Have Over Coffee Shops… Other than Coffee

What are some of the advantages coworking spaces have over coffee shops?

There are multiple advantages of coworking spaces over bringing your laptop to a coffee shop to finish your tasks. First and foremost, because you rent the desk or private office space, you will not overstay your welcome. In contrast, you will receive sidelong stares from customers or workers, especially if you are nursing a cup or two of your beverage till you finish your task. What are the benefits of coworking spaces?

No awkwardness

Only the most shameless customer is immune from the discomforting feeling of sitting on the same chair for hours while only ordering one or two drinks.

Networking opportunities

One of the advantages of coworking spaces is the potential to expand your social stock. Multiple research studies showed how individuals managed to increase productivity in a hybrid setup compared to a traditional office. In addition, you surround yourself with highly creative people and go-getters, and their mindset will eventually rub off on you.

Avoid back and neck pain

The chairs and tables at the coffee shop are not designed for extended seating, much less to finish your report on your laptop. It’s not uncommon for individuals to feel their muscles tighten from sitting in one position for too long. You cannot leave your chair either because someone else might take it. In contrast, the hybrid workspace of coworking spaces have ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks to provide the best position for you to work.

Save money

Small business owners can save as much as 30% from their overhead costs by leveraging the benefits of working spaces. In addition, they have flexibility because they only pay every time they use the professional space instead of paying a monthly rent. The returns for entrepreneurs are enormous, especially if they are starting small businesses.

Bring your coffee and snacks

You can bring your coffee inside coworking spaces. The only benefit of working in a coffee shop is good coffee, but that gap has shrunk in recent years. You can now find coworking spaces with a coffee station to satisfy its users’ caffeine needs. However, depending on what you purchase, your beverage will cost between $3 and $6. You will also spend an additional $4 to $7 for each meal if you eat snacks. The costs will soon mount, especially if you travel there frequently.


By renting out a permanent desk or a private office, you know you have a spot waiting for you, even if you walk out to get some air or run errands. You can’t say the same about working at Starbucks, where it’s a virtual free for all. As a result, you will be free to work at your leisure rather than feeling rushed to complete your chores for fear of losing your spot.


Privacy is another of the several benefits of coworking spaces. One widespread misperception about coworking spaces is that they are overcrowded. On the contrary, the arrangement of coworking spaces is thoroughly planned out so that everyone has their own space to work in peace. Furthermore, private offices may be rented for increased privacy.

Fast Wi-Fi 

If you rely on Wi-Fi to finish your work, the coffee shop is not the answer. These establishments are notorious for spotty connections and potential versus and hacking, since you are sharing the Wi-Fi with other customers. Besides, they discourage people from sitting too long while hogging their Internet.

Fewer distractions  

Customers in coffee shops couldn’t care less about keeping their voices down to avoid bothering you as you raced to meet your deadlines. In contrast, when working in a coworking space, you are surrounded by others who understand your stress as you run through your chores to meet deadlines.

 A helping hand

Unlike coffee shops, coworking spaces offer collaboration opportunities and networking events. You can find someone if you need to bounce off your ideas or if you need some advice on how to go about your tasks.

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