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Coworking Spaces Are Perfect for Conferences and Out of State Meetings!

Coworking Spaces Are Perfect for Conferences and Out of State Meetings!

A Few Benefits of the Conference Rooms at 4&Co.!

Coworking spaces may be known for their flexible work environment and amazing amenities, but one thing that certainly can’t be understated is the importance of coworking conference rooms and meeting rooms. These spaces are instrumental for a variety of business functions for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes. Today, we’re going to hop right in and show you why coworking spaces are perfect for conferences and out-of-state meetings.

A Space to Yourself

If you’re in a private office and working with a small team, you could probably have some pretty good meetings without going anywhere. However, a conference room gives you a space all to yourself, which is especially handy if you have people physically visiting the building instead of being on a video call. This is also a great way to wrangle in all of your remote employees at once.

Communication Tech

Many of our clients conduct out-of-state conference calls with the use of video technology. Our conference rooms are equipped with everything you need to make these calls in a reliable manner. Like the rest of our facility, they’re equipped with high-speed wi-fi, so you can rest assured that you’ll always be connected.

Free Coffee & Tea

You simply can’t have a conference without coffee and tea! It doesn’t matter if you’re having an early morning pow-wow or a late evening business meeting with out-of-state clients. You’ll always find free coffee and tea available for your team and anyone you invite into our coworking conference room.

Other Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Using a coworking conference room is an effective way to exude professionalism to local and out-of-state clients. But, the use of conference and meeting rooms is only one of many different reasons why people love coworking spaces. Below are some of the other benefits that you’ll enjoy in a variety of our membership options.

Dedicated and Hot Desks

To empower you with as much flexibility and functionality as possible, our hybrid workspace consists of dedicated desks and hot desks. With dedicated desks, you choose one spot where you want to sit and you go back to that spot every single day. Adversely, selecting the hot desk option means that you grab an available desk each time you come in. Don’t forget to check out our sit-to-stand desks, which are perfect for improving comfort.

Private and Team Offices

4&Co. has rooms to accommodate individuals and groups as large as 32 team members. You can also select a private office that’s secluded from the coworking workspace so that you can do your own thing. These choices allow everyone from entrepreneurs to large businesses to take advantage of our facility.

24/Hour Access

It’s understandable that a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses don’t alwayswork regular hours. That’s why much of our facility is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your membership option includes this level of access, then you can come and go as you please and have access to most of the available amenities.

Personal Amenities

Speaking of amenities, our facility is chock-full of them. There’s a wide range of personal and business amenities available from our virtual home office option and workout area to the sauna and yoga area. There’s even nap pods available for when you need to take a break in the middle of the day and re-energize.

Business Address

Individuals and small businesses that don’t have a physical office will find it difficult to interact with certain clients because they might not appear quite as professional as they should. One coworking perk that’s useful for these smaller companies is the use of a business address where mail and deliveries can be sent. Depending on the membership option that’s been chosen, the conference rooms and meeting rooms may be accessible, too.

Contact 4&Co. for Information About Our Coworking Conference Room and New Campus

As you can see, 4&Co. is the perfect place to conduct conferences and out-of-state meetings thanks to its long list of benefits and amenities. If you have any questions about our coworking conference rooms or any other aspect of our facility, contact our team at (727) 725-2745 today. Be sure to schedule a hard hat tour of our new campus in Bexley, Florida. 
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