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8 Best Amenities Offered at 4&Co.

8 Best Amenities Offered at 4&Co.

What amenities are offered at 4&Co.?

Today’s business world has changed a lot in recent years and coworking has been transforming the way we look at office space and business functionality. 4&Co. is leading the way in this somewhat new concept and we strive to serve our tenants with every need that we possibly can. To give you an idea of what we’re all about, we’re going to take a quick peek at some of our most popular coworking space amenities.

High-Speed Internet

Out of the many coworking space amenities that are available to you, having a high-speed internet connection is undoubtedly one of the biggest necessities. Individuals and businesses these days require a strong, reliable connection so that they can conduct their daily activities. 4&Co. offers high-quality, wireless wi-fi internet that allows browsing, streaming, video conferencing, and more.

Meeting Rooms

Our facility has well-equipped meeting rooms and conference rooms for all of your business needs. This enables you to have a place to go whenever you need to get your team together for a little privacy. You can also schedule a time for clients to meet you at the facility or connect with them through video conferencing hardware and software without any prying eyes.

24-Hour Access

Much to Dolly Parton’s possible dismay, business is no longer a “9 to 5” world. This is why 4&Co. makes their facilities available 24/7 for certain memberships. This means you can come and go as you please during the day and night, with late-night access to many of the amenities listed here.

Sit-to-Stand Desks

When the subject of coworking comes up, you often hear about dedicated desks and hot desks, but having any area to work is only one part of the calculation. You also need to be thinking about your well-being because sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health. To help you out, we offer sit-to-stand desks too that you can get on your feet whenever you feel the need.

Office Equipment

Although you’ll need to supply certain pieces of office equipment such as your own computer or laptop, we know that certain things can’t be moved around as easily. We have a variety of office equipment available to our tenants, but what most tenants like having around is a printer/scanner. Not being forced to print or scan your documents off-site can be a real time-saver.

Relaxing Nap Pods

It seems like just yesterday the idea of taking a nap while you were at work would be inconceivable. In recent years, however, even large corporations have realized that either a power nap or extended rest can greatly improve productivity. In our facility, you’ll find relaxing nap pods / nap rooms where you can get a little shut-eye or simply take a relaxing break.

Free Coffee & Tea

What is it about free coffee that perks people up in the morning? Perhaps it’s the jolt of caffeine and the amazing aroma. Or maybe you prefer to have a spot of tea in the middle of the day? 4&Co. understands how important these beverages are to many office workers, so we make them available as one of your many coworking space amenities.

Gym, Yoga, and Sauna

Wellness has become a huge part of company culture and 4&Co. is doing everything we can to make sure that our tenants are taken care of. In our facility, you’ll find a well-equipped gym, spacious yoga area, and beautiful sauna. Whether you feel like working out, improving your flexibility, or relaxing with a long steam, we basically have everything available except for towels. When you bring your own, you’ll have access to locker storage as well.

Business Address

If you’re an individual or very small company who doesn’t have a physical presence elsewhere, then one of the best coworking space amenities on this list is your access to a business address. This will provide you with an official address that you can provide to clients, along with getting deliveries. You can even use this specific amenity as a single option if you work in your home and need a business address and mail service.

Contact 4&Co. to Learn More About Coworking Space Amenities

4&Co. has set up an amazing coworking space in Clearwater and Pasco with amenities to match your business needs and personal lifestyle. If you have any questions about our coworking space amenities or would like to take a tour of our facility, please give us a call at (727) 725-2745 today.
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