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How 4&Co. is Changing the Coworking Landscape?

How 4&Co. is Changing the Coworking Landscape?

How is 4&Co. Working to Change the Coworking Space Landscape and Industry?

4&Co. has already been instrumental in changing the idea of how office space works, but we’re nowhere close to being done. We have tons of plans for the future, which we’ve only begun to implement. In fact, we’re already beginning to change the coworking space landscape, as well, so let’s take a look at a few different strategies that are now a part of our coworking spaces and our new Coworking Campus.

You’re Not Locked into One Membership

To create an effective working environment, you always need to offer a certain level of flexibility. 4&Co. offers multiple memberships, but you’re never locked into a contract so you can change at any time. This means if you’re using one of our hot desks and need to upgrade to a private workspace, you simply switch memberships. Then, you can switch right back whenever you’d like.

Flexible Hours with 24/7 Access

It quickly becomes obvious to our members that 4&Co. isn’t a fan of restrictions. That’s why our coworking spaces offer 24-hour access with most of our memberships. You can come and go as you please anytime, and even if it’s the middle of the night, you’ll still have access to most of our available amenities.

Cleanliness is High on Our List

It’s no secret that the way much of the world looked at cleanliness changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 4&Co. has always strove to keep our facility looking spotless, but even we’ve upped our game. Our facilities are now cleaned with more regularity, in addition to a bigger focus on disinfecting surfaces. We’re also quite aware of social distancing, which you’ll find easy to do throughout our hybrid workspace.

Safety and Security Is a Priority

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure while at work, which is why we’re made it one of our priorities. Our facility may be flexible, but there are certain safety guidelines that everyone must follow. If they do not, their membership will be terminated. For the security of personal items, we offer lockable storage.

All Types of Desks Available

With such a big focus on flexibility, it’s no surprise that our coworking spaces consist of a variety of desks. You’ll find many people using hot desks, which allows them to change their seating location each day. Others opt for dedicated desks that are theirs and theirs alone. You can also get a sit-to-stand desk, which allows you to stretch your legs a bit throughout the day.

Focus on Healthy Amenities

4&Co. has fully embraced the idea that a healthy worker is a happy worker. That’s a big reason why we’ve made certain workout options available. If you want to lift weights or hit the treadmill, then head over to our facility’s gym. If you’re more of a yoga person, there’s a dedicated space for that, too. Once you’re done, you can either settle down to work or head to our sauna for a few minutes.

Caters to the Remote Worker

There are definite advantages of working in our facility, but we understand that working from home at least part of the time has really caught on. As soon as we noticed the work day trending to be done at home, we sprung into action and came up with strategies that would help. We now offer a business address where you can have deliveries made and a dedicated voicemail system, with more remote-working options in the pipeline.

Big Fan of Offering Nap Time

Even just a couple of decades ago, the idea that napping at work would be beneficial was unheard of. Now, we’ve learned that taking a power nap or even resting for a longer period can make a person more productive for the rest of their work day. That’s why our current facilities – and all the ones we have planned for the future – feature nap pods where you can get a little shuteye.

Contact 4&Co. to Learn About the Best Coworking Spaces

4&Co. has the very best coworking spaces in the industry and we continue to strive to do better every single day. If you have any questions about what we plan to offer in the future or would like to take a tour of our new facility, give us a call at (727) 725-2745 today.
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