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Coworking Spaces Vs. Offices: Are Offices Becoming Outdated?

Coworking Spaces Vs. Offices: Are Offices Becoming Outdated?

Is the idea of “working in an office” becoming outdated?

As workers continue to return to the office after a long pandemic hiatus, many of them are deciding whether a coworking space vs office is better for their daily routine. Many of them have decided that selecting a coworking option is best for their productivity and well-being. To illustrate why this is happening, let’s take a look at a few basic facts about each work environment.

4 Basic Facts About Traditional Offices

To begin our discussion between coworking space vs office, we need to look at four basic facts to illustrate what you can expect in a traditional office:

Schedules Are Typically Stringent

In a traditional office space, schedules are typically a bit more stringent, with some flexibility here and there. Most offices open somewhat early, but then they’ll close before the sun’s gone down. In many situations, a business renting a space in a large building will be under the control of the building’s owner, who will dictate the hours of operation or access.

You Don’t Really Get to Move Around

Anyone who’s been in a traditional office situation knows that there isn’t a lot of moving around going on. You’re usually assigned a specific desk, and that’s where you go every workday. There are certain advantages to this, of course, but you lose the option of experiencing different parts of the building, new people, etc., so it’s difficult to know what might work best for you.

People Are Stressed When They Arrive

It’s hard to know exactly why, but a lot of people who are engaged in traditional working environments seem to be very stressed when they arrive for work. They may walk in with a smile on their face, but it quickly becomes apparent that they’re having an off day, don’t want to be there, and aren’t looking forward to what the rest of their day holds. Much of this seems to stem from the inflexibility of working in a traditional office where even the basics are out of their control.

“Helicopter Bosses” Are Nerve-Racking

Remember that scene in Office Space where the boss is floating around the office and people are constantly on the lookout for fear that he may come over and get them to work on the weekend? If you’ve ever worked at a company with a boss like this, then you know how nerve-racking it can be. Sadly, traditional offices are conducive to an atmosphere where the boss is always hanging around, watching everything you’re doing.

4 Basic Facts About Coworking Spaces

As we compare a coworking space vs office to decide which we prefer, it’s important to note these four basic facts about how a coworking space operates:

You Can Often Work on Your Schedule

There’s nothing like having a flexible work schedule. In fact, that’s why so many people who were forced to work at home during the pandemic started to love it. Depending on your company’s situation, workers can come and go as they please, whether that means working before the sun has even come up or starting after it’s gone down. Individuals have even more flexibility thanks to a 24/7 access option.

Facility Is Friendly to All Types of Workers

Whether your company consists of a single entrepreneur, a handful of team members, or a few dozen individuals, a coworking space can provide you with a workable business opportunity. Perhaps you’re interested in the option of a dedicated desk? Coworking spaces can also accommodate flexible work hours for everyone.

Plenty of Chances to Relax and Recharge

While traditional offices are what you might consider to be straight-laced, coworking spaces are a lot more flexible in the way they conduct business. Coworking spaces will often include various amenities such as a workout room, yoga space, nap areas, free coffee and tea, etc. These options result in a more casual and relaxed atmosphere that can make you feel at home and help you get through your day. Coworking Spaces are the Perfect Setup for Remote Workers, Too If you like the idea of being a remote worker, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, the last thing you want to do is rent a space in some stodgy office building. Coworking spaces are optimized with options such as a business address, flexible desk location, meeting and conference rooms, and other work-related amenities. This makes it easier to transition back and forth between your home office and the coworking space.

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