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Coworking Spaces in Bexley, Florida

Coworking Spaces in Bexley, Florida

Coworking spaces are taking the world by storm by offering a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional offices. Here at 4&Co., we offer coworking spaces in Bexley that help individuals, teams, and entire businesses stay motivated and productive. With several membership options available in our incredible hybrid workspace, we’re the perfect place for you to grow and expand your company.

Individual Spaces

Today’s business world is filled with freelancers, independent entrepreneurs, and part-time professionals who need a place to work but without the high cost of renting their own building. Coworking spaces provide the perfect alternative and are accessible 24 hours a day with amenities including high-speed Wi-Fi and office equipment.

Hot Desks

If you thrive on being near hard-working, like-minded business people and are comfortable in an open-seating arrangement, our hot desks will fit your need. You get to have a new experience with every visit and can network with the people around you who share your goals. Each desk comes equipped with ergonomic furniture and locker storage for daily use.

Dedicated Desks

Perhaps you don’t like moving around too much or would simply prefer a more permanent seating arrangement. Our dedicated desk memberships provide you with a personal workspace along with lockable storage and tons of amenities. Just walk in, go straight to your fixed desk, and get to work.

Private Offices

Our private offices work great for small teams of one to three people who are looking for a bit of privacy to conduct their work while wanting the benefits of a shared office space. These private spaces are equipped with height-adjustable desks and offer access to multiple amenities such as meeting rooms where you can brainstorm, talk strategy, have an intimate celebration for employees, or whatever your heart desires.

Team Offices

If your group consists of 4 to 32 people, then you may want to select our team office option. This is the perfect workspace solution for growing startups and smaller companies that don’t require a traditional office for their daily work. And despite the number of people involved, you still won’t need to commit to a long-term lease as you would in traditional office buildings.

Meeting Rooms

Whether your business consists of a small team or one that’s quite large, holding meetings are just a fact of life. Our facility is equipped with multiple meeting and conference rooms that provide teams of all shapes and sizes the ability to conduct business as needed for themselves and clients. You can book a room by the hour and be given access to amenities that include smart TVs, fast WiFi, free coffee and tea, and more.

Why Choose 4&Co.?

The goal of 4&Co. is to transform the way people work and how they view the traditional workspace. Our coworking spaces in Bexley strive to create a welcoming workflow where individuals and teams can flex their productive and creative muscles. The community that we have formed has already proven to be a success — and we very much look forward to an amazing future.

By signing up for one of our coworking spaces in Bexley, you’ll have access to multiple amenities such as:

  • Flexible workspaces
  • High-quality ergonomic furniture
  • Office accessories
  • Storage options
  • Versatile and move-in ready offices
  • Fully equipped meeting rooms
  • High-speed WiFi
  • 24/7 access

Sign Up for Our Coworking Spaces in Bexley Today

Our coworking spaces in Bexley are a welcome addition to our very successful coworking facilities in Clearwater and Pasco. 4&Co.’s goal is to provide a hybrid workspace that can be customized to fit your business needs and budget. If you’d like to tour our facility or need more information about how we can help your business succeed, give us a call at (727) 725-2745 today. Our team will go over all of the details and invite you to visit with us in-person so that you can make a decision toward your future.