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8 “Disadvantages” of Coworking Spaces Debunked

8 “Disadvantages” of Coworking Spaces Debunked

Have you heard some of these “disadvantages” of working in a coworking space? They may not be true…

Whenever there’s a new type of business venture, there seem to be lots of rumors that start floating around. Coworking spaces aren’t any different, even though they’ve been a popular “thing” for a while. Many people aren’t familiar with the way they operate. Some of these rumors have turned into so-called “disadvantages” of coworking spaces that don’t exist. Today, we’re going to debunk some of the most intrusive of these once and for all.

Rent Will Be More Expensive

For whatever reason, some people believe that coworking spaces are very expensive and will cost you more than a traditional office space. The truth is that the opposite is almost always true. Traditional offices require you to rent a specific amount of space (often more than you actually need) and sign a long contract. You’ll save money with a coworking membership because they’re not so stringent with their terms.

You Must Sign a Long-Term Contract

Speaking of long contracts, this is another perceived “disadvantage” of coworking spaces. The problem with this belief is that their contracts are quite flexible. While you can sign a multi-year contract in some cases, you also have options that include month-to-month memberships. This means you have a lot more control over how your operating budget is spent and can more easily take a break or transition out of the space as needed.

Productivity Will Take a Big Hit

Out of all the “disadvantages” of coworking spaces that we hear about, this may be the strangest of them all. Increasing productivity is actually a well-known benefit of these hybrid workspaces. There’s a whole range of reasons for this, such as a more relaxed atmosphere, the choice of desk location (thanks to hot desks and dedicated desks), private office options, etc. Plus, don’t forget amenities such as nap rooms and gyms, which can help you recharge.

Really Noisy Work Environment

It’s understandable when someone is under the impression that a coworking space is a noisy work environment. After all, there are a lot of people around who represent many businesses. But, it’s pretty obvious that the noise level won’t be any higher or lower than any other office where you’re dealing with many teams and team members. If you want even more peace and quiet, you can sign up for a private office or take your team to one of the meeting or conference rooms.

Insufficient Office Infrastructure

Any time you’re dealing with a new type of business venture, it’s going to take a while before proper infrastructure is in place. For this reason, many people have been under the impression that coworking spaces lack office infrastructure, all the way down to not having enough electrical outlets or adequate lighting. We’re not positive that this was ever a concern with coworking spaces, but since these spaces have been around for a while, this isn’t something you’ll need to worry about anymore.

Limited Growth Opportunities

People seem to be so stuck in their own heads regarding how business growth works that they often can’t see the potential of coworking spaces. Many different types of companies and individuals have the opportunity to grow. This includes small businesses and entrepreneurs working from home. It’s also great for large companies that are looking for a temporary space to conduct business while they’re relocating.

Unprofessional Brand Image

The only reason that an unprofessional brand image became one of the expected “disadvantages” of coworking spaces is that it was a new concept people didn’t understand. After all, we’ve spent decades working in traditional office buildings, and people know what to expect. These days, most businesses expect a wide variety of work environments, including employees who work straight from their homes. If anything, using a coworking space will improve your brand’s image because it’s so modern and relaxed.

They’re a Dying Business Model

We’re certainly not conspiracy theorists, but perhaps this specific rumor was started by owners of traditional office buildings. Not only are coworking spaces not a dying business model, but more advanced ones have been cropping up, and more are planned for the future. This has proven to be a perfect solution for many businesses, and that’s reflected in their increasing popularity.

Contact 4&Co. to Debunk Other “Disadvantages” of Coworking Spaces

As you can see, it’s easy to debunk these so-called “disadvantages” of coworking spaces. 4&Co. can help you get the most out of our incredible coworking spaces, regardless of the size of your business. If you have any questions, contact our staff at (727) 725-2745 today and schedule a tour of our new Bexley Campus. Schedule Your tour now. 
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