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How Does 4&Co. Address Employee Privacy Concerns?

How Does 4&Co. Address Employee Privacy Concerns?

How are employee privacy concerns addressed at 4&Co.?

The coworking model has grown significantly in recent years, with more businesses shifting to more open and flexible working spaces. It has become even more apparent with the pandemic, now that remote working is on the rise; employees need a productive place to work other than their homes. One of the most attractive aspects of coworking spaces is their open and welcoming environment that promotes collaboration. Rather than the rigid cubicle setup in most traditional offices, you have a shared space where you can interact with other coworkers and professionals. However, as beneficial as this openness can be, it also raises employee privacy concerns.

Check out how 4&Co. addresses employee privacy concerns for all its shared office spaces to ease your worries on this matter.

4&Co. Workplace Security Policies

4&Co. lays out all its security policies in its membership agreement, so you can read through these thoroughly before signing. It is done to ensure that everyone is aligned with the rules and will comply with all the measures once they start using the spaces.

Employee Monitoring

Regarding monitoring employees and coworkers, 4&Co. abides by state and federal laws. It includes the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), which prohibits businesses from monitoring their employees’ phone calls and voicemail. The only time they can monitor these communications is if employees give their consent, so you can be assured that your privacy will be well-protected.

As for other forms of computer monitoring, 4&Co. also has 24/7 surveillance to maximize security. However, these are only installed in entrances and common working spaces, not locker areas or bathrooms.

Physical Security

Physical security is another top concern, with employees constantly going in and out of coworking spaces. To address this, 4&Co. has security guards and receptionists to monitor who goes in and out of the building’s premises. The facility also has a smart alarm system and video surveillance that works all day to ensure everyone’s safety, regardless of what time an employee decides to come in.

Workers with valid memberships also have IDs to scan whenever they come in to ensure that only those with authorized access can enter the coworking area. Those who sign up for just a day will also receive day passes to access their coworking spaces.

If visitors arrive to make deliveries or attend meetings, they will need to log in with their names and provide a valid government ID for verification purposes.

Internet and Data Privacy

Beyond offering high-speed WiFi with all its workspace memberships, 4&Co. also takes security measures to address employee privacy concerns related to Internet use and data. No matter what area you choose for your membership, you will receive unique login credentials and a unique password for your WiFi access.

Aside from this, 4&Co. uses Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs), which break up the Local Area Network (LAN) into subgroups. This way, employees from the same company can work using the same virtual networks to pass data among themselves. As for other workers, they will be put on different networks to separate their data and devices accordingly.

Of course, 4&Co. also encourages everyone to take active steps to always protect their devices and personal information.

These include:

  • Installing the latest version of the malware and turning on the firewall in your device
  • Implementing a password on your computer to prevent others from accessing it in case you leave it unattended
  • Using two-factor or multi-factor authentication on your emails and other important online accounts
  • Storing data in a cloud platform

Cloud-Based Control System

Another way 4&Co. resolves employee privacy concerns is by using a cloud-based control system that allows them to keep their security software up-to-date at all times. The system also ensures that security extends to all parts of the building.

Lockable Storage

4&Co’s coworking memberships all come with lockable storage, where you can store and secure your belongings. So, whether you get hot desks or dedicated desks, you will get your own storage unit to keep important things like your devices. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your high-value items are secure, even if you leave them overnight.

Private Meeting Rooms

At times, employees may want to discuss confidential matters about the business. Naturally, doing this in open office spaces is not ideal, so 4&Co. offers meeting rooms that you can rent for these situations. These private rooms come with all the tools and equipment you need for your meetings or conferences to ensure that you have productive sessions with your team.

4&Co.’s Commitment to Clients

Overall, it is understandable why employee privacy concerns may arise from the nature of coworking offices. However, it is highly possible to mitigate these risks if the company has security protocols to protect your belongings and information. 4&Co. takes an active stance on this matter. They are committed to offering a safe community for all members.

Aside from this, 4&Co. is also a top workspace solutions provider as they deliver the following:

  • Free and high-speed WiFi
  • Individual and group workspace options
  • Well-designed coworking spaces
  • High-quality ergonomic furniture
  • Move-in ready offices
  • Lockable storage with coworking areas
  • Memberships inclusive of amenities
  • Flexible and scalable memberships
  • 24/7 access to all spaces

Check Out Our Workspace Memberships Today

Here at 4&Co., we offer flexible workspaces and maintain a secure facility to prevent employee privacy concerns. We understand that privacy can be a concern in shared working spaces, so we take a proactive approach to always maintain top security in our facility. As a result, no matter what space you sign up for, you can trust that we value and respect your privacy.

If you want to learn more about our coworking spaces in Clearwater and Pasco, you can contact us today at (727) 725-2745. We can tour you through our facility and answer all your queries on security measures to give you the assurance you need.

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