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Engaged Employees: How Coworking Spaces Improve Productivity

Engaged Employees: How Coworking Spaces Improve Productivity

How do coworking spaces help employees stay engaged with their work and improve productivity?

The concept of a workplace has evolved significantly throughout the years. Now, beyond traditional office setups, you see more and more coworking spaces emerging because of the unique benefits they offer. Other than cost savings, they also provide opportunities for networking, better communication, and, most importantly, higher productivity.

HR professionals often struggle to maintain employee engagement when it comes to the workplace, especially during a pandemic. In a time when remote work is the norm and social distancing is required, it has become more challenging to stay connected with employees and keep them motivated.

Given this dilemma, coworking spaces offer a great solution to improve employee engagement and boost productivity amid remote working conditions. Continue reading to learn how they can help you build a team of engaged employees.

What are Coworking Spaces?

In 2019, there were over 19,000 coworking spaces and three million coworkers globally, indicating how popular the phenomenon is becoming. So, you might be wondering what exactly these are.

Coworking spaces are basically shared office spaces. Employees from different businesses and organizations come together to work in the same place. Some would describe it as “working independently together,” which may sound weird at first. However, it essentially means that everyone has separate things to do, but they all work in a shared space.

Most coworking spaces will offer hot desks, private offices, conference and meeting rooms, kitchens and pantries, WiFi connection, coffee, and snacks. They usually charge a monthly membership fee, so you can avoid signing long-term leases and spending on amenities if you lease empty office space.

Initially, coworking spaces were a hit for independent freelance workers since they had no formal office and usually went to cafes and libraries. However, startups and small to medium businesses have started jumping onto the bandwagon over the years since they provide a cost-effective alternative to office rentals.

How Do Coworking Spaces Improve Productivity

Coworking spaces offer a refreshing and energizing work environment since they help employees establish a standard routine without forcing too much rigidity. Here are some of the top ways they can increase productivity and engagement:

Promotes Collaboration and Interaction

The ability to build personal connections and interactions is perhaps one of the most significant contributors to increased productivity and more engaged employees. While your work might be independent of your coworkers, you can always consult with them for ideas, suggestions, and advice.

In a coworking space, you can expect to find diverse personalities and skill sets from entrepreneurs, freelancers, startup teams, and small business employees. By sharing a workspace and interacting with them, you get new perspectives and learn more about different types of work, effectively improving your decision-making and critical thinking skills.

Overall, the collaborative nature of coworking office spaces helps employees become more productive since they can expand their skillsets and learn from like-minded people.

Widens Social Networks

Another way coworking spaces build engaged employees is through the opportunity to widen social networks. Work from home may have its perks, but prolonged remote working can also create a sense of isolation, so this is where the beauty of shared spaces comes in.

What makes them so attractive is that they promote authentic and organic connections. Even though your coworkers come from different organizations and fields, they can serve as a support system to help you feel less lonely and encourage you to work harder to succeed in your tasks.

A Harvard Business Review study shows that 79% of their survey respondents mentioned that coworking helped them expand their social networks. Similarly, 83% said they felt less lonely working in a coworking space. From these numbers, you can see how social interactions formed in shared spaces can make a huge difference in your employees’ mindsets.

Humanize Your Employees

Traditional offices tend to be rigid and restrictive since employees usually work in small cubicles and have set working hours. This structure often promotes monotony and risks reducing employees to robots doing mechanical work. Thus, coworking spaces allow you to humanize your employees by creating an open workplace that encourages communication.

When managers and employees work in the same place, they become witnesses to each other’s successes and failures. As a result, employees understand that their bosses are human just like them, and, at the same time, managers remember that their workers also go through problems and struggles in their day-to-day lives.

Stimulates Work

Another common problem with remote working is finding a stimulating environment. Many times, it can be hard to work at home due to all the distractions present, so shared office spaces help remedy this problem.

When employees are surrounded by people who are working, they feel more motivated to work. Think about it—if you stayed at home, the lack of social interactions and non-stop distractions will likely stop you from achieving your work goals for the day. On the other hand, in a coworking space, you feel more inclined to work because of the environment around you, so you become more productive.

Encourages Success

Coworking spaces encourage businesses to succeed by providing a conducive environment equipped with everything workers need to be productive. As such, you can focus on your core operations instead of spending time looking for a leasable space, renovating it, and buying all the office supplies needed for work.

Similarly, your employees can stay productive since they have everything, they need in the coworking space—a physical environment, the flexibility to work at their desired time and place, and various amenities for a better work experience.

Pave the Way for Engaged Employees with Coworking Spaces Today

People are the heart of organizations; and engaged employees are vital to achieving business success. 4 & Co offers a variety of coworking spaces and private offices to help you build an effective employee engagement strategy. We have all the resources to maximize your workers’ productivity – from hot desks to private workspaces, and from meeting rooms to virtual offices.

Our memberships include:

Call us today at (727) 725-2745 for more information on our memberships and amenities and to schedule a tour of our coworking spaces. We’ll help you greatly reduce your office expenses!

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