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Everything You Need and Won’t Need to Work in a Coworking Space

Everything You Need and Won’t Need to Work in a Coworking Space

What do you need to successfully work in a coworking space?

Coworking spaces typically have everything you need to finish your tasks. The concept is similar to a traditional office but far more relaxed. You have desks, furniture, common areas, and diverse individuals looking to get their work done.

There’s a reason coworking spaces continue to grow despite some challenges, particularly the massive lockdowns brought about by the global pandemic. For instance, Report Linker projects that the sector will hit more than $30 billion in 2026 on a compound annual growth rate of 17%.

What You Need or Don’t Need to Bring to a Coworking Space

If this is your first time, naturally, you are a little leery about etiquette and what to bring or not to bring with you in a hybrid workspace. While the communal office is designed to be move-in ready, you are still responsible for all your gadgets and equipment to finish your tasks.

Here are some of the things you need to carry with you in coworking spaces:

1.  Your laptop and tablets

Some people think these gadgets are part of the amenities in a coworking office, but that’s not true at all. Individuals can rent dedicated desks for a week, month, or year. While nobody else can use them during the duration of your lease, you are still responsible for your workstation.

2.  Business cards

Coworking spaces provide the perfect work environment for networking events. Since you share the room with other individuals who are probably experts in their respective fields, you can boost your chances of growing your opportunities by connecting with other people.

3.  Chargers

Don’t forget to bring your chargers to your workstation if your phone battery drains. The coworking space has power outlets where you can charge your gadgets. The last thing you need is to disturb the other remote workers while people work.

4.  Snacks

Some people think that they are not allowed to bring food to the shared office. But you absolutely can! Some coworking spaces have coffee shops and commissaries, but others do not. Snacks will allow you to avoid drowsiness and beat your deadline.

5.  Water

Most coworking spaces have a fully equipped kitchen where tap and water fountains are available. However, bring your water jug for hydration to avoid leaving your workstation.

6.  Pens, highlighters, and notebooks

Students typically bring their notebooks and pens into their workspaces. You can never anticipate when you may need a laptop or pen, so better be prepared than sorry.

7.  Jacket or sweater

Coworking spaces can become cold, especially when working inside for hours. However, you are not working from home, so you cannot control the thermostat. Keep your jacket within reach when the room gets too cold.

8.  Photos and mementos

You can personalize your dedicated workstation by bringing photographs of your loved ones for inspiration. After all, you are not doing all this hard work for yourself. So, it would be good to be reminded about your priorities now and then.

9.  Headphones

You have no control over the work environment, so you can expect some noise. You can listen to your favorite artists and get in the mood to be productive. It will also prevent other people from disturbing you too much when they see you with your headphones on.

10. Hygiene kits

Bring your deodorant, toothpaste, and toothbrush to keep you smelling fresh. Think of the networking opportunities you may have missed if people stay as far away from you as possible.

11. A padlock

Most coworking spaces provide lockers or storage areas for walk-in clients or those with workspace memberships. These lockers are usually secured with your dedicated number. You can use the padlock for the drawer of your hot desk if there is any to ensure confidential materials while you are away.

12. Petty cash or debit card

You never know when you need money to buy something or when you need to grab a drink or a meal with your new friends in your hybrid workspace.

What Not to Bring in a Coworking Space

1.  A Bad attitude

Please don’t act as if you own the place. It is shared by everyone!

2.  Your Entire Home or Work office

Don’t bring every little thing you’d normally bring to work or use at home. Which this is your space to work, you must keep in mind that this is also a place where many others work too. Don’t be obnoxious and take up too much space.

3.  Loudspeaker

Don’t impose your type of music on everyone by blaring your loudspeakers in the working space.

Remember that when people work in a coworking space, they immediately become a part of a community. A community is made up of different personalities. Fortunately, everyone recognizes their individual duties within the group, and they adjust accordingly to create a productive ecology in which everyone flourishes.

Do You Have More Questions About Coworking Spaces?

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