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(727) 725-2745
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Meeting Rooms in Pasco

Meeting Rooms in Pasco County, Florida

Need to gather your team to hold a meeting? Or perhaps you are hosting a conference and need a proper venue for the event? We know how challenging it can be to find a suitable meeting place without a permanent office space. It’s even harder when you consider specific amenities or capacity requirements you might have.

4&Co. offers a wide range of meeting rooms in Pasco designed for all your business activities. Each room comes with free high-speed WiFi, coffee and tea, and smart TVs to ensure you have everything you need to get your work done. You can also pre-book the rooms to secure your venue ahead of time.


Booking Fee: $60/hour

Our boardroom is designed for formal and executive meetings to discuss high-level information like your company’s strategic plans or financial performance in the past month. It has a polished and professional atmosphere, just like other traditional boardrooms, so you can use this space for all your important affairs. For example, if you meet with your shareholders regularly, this will be the perfect venue to bring them together.

Collaboration or Creative Room

Booking Fee: $50/hour

As its name suggests, our collaboration or creative room is perfect for brainstorming sessions or any occasion when you need a creativity boost. We have designed this room to create a comfortable ambiance that encourages fresh ideas and productive discussions. Hence, you might notice that this meeting space looks slightly different from your usual meeting room.

Large Conference or Training Room

Booking Fee: $75/hour

If you need ample space to host a conference or employee training session, we have a range of different-sized rooms that can fit up to 45 people. They are highly flexible in terms of the layout, so we can adjust your room’s setup based on your needs or the nature of your event. Our conference and training rooms also come with videoconferencing and audiovisual equipment to support your sessions.

Podcast Studio

Booking Fee: $25/hour

Beyond standard meeting rooms in Pasco, we also have a podcast studio to help you record high-quality podcasts with crisp and clear audio. The studio is built with soundproof walls to ensure that you do not pick up outside noise while recording. We can guarantee that you will always produce professional and top-notch output in this room.

Why Choose 4&Co.’s Meeting Rooms?

Here at 4&Co., we want to make it easy for businesses to get all their work done in one place. Aside from our coworking spaces and private or team offices, we also offer rentable meeting rooms in Pasco to help you conduct all your meetings.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose our rooms:

  • Access is included in our workspace memberships
  • Affordable rental fees
  • Fully equipped rooms with high-speed WiFi and smart TVs
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Variety of room options

Overall, with our meeting rooms in Pasco, you no longer have to search for other places if you need to hold meetings or conduct introductory sessions with the team. Instead, you can enjoy our coworking spaces for day-to-day operations and book the meeting rooms whenever needed.

Book Our Meeting Rooms in Pasco

No matter what type of meeting or gathering you have planned, 4&Co. indeed has the perfect venue to meet your demands. Each of our meeting rooms in Pasco comes with different room features, so you can choose one that best matches your requirements.

Call us today at (727) 725-2745 to book your meeting room. Let us know what you have in mind and how big your team is so that we can set up your space accordingly. We can also schedule a tour to show you all the rooms and help you decide what is most suitable.