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(727) 725-2745
16703 Early Riser Ave. Land O' Lakes, FL 34638

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms for Rent

Every business team conducts meetings, but they can be tricky to hold and manage. If you do not have a permanent office space, you will need to find a conference room for rent to gather all the attendees and have a productive conversation. The place you rent will have a huge impact on how smoothly the meeting goes, what impression you leave on guests, and the type of output you create. We are here to help you through your meetings.

We understand the difficulties of searching for a reliable place to meet with your team and get work done. We also know how hard it is to find an available conference room for rent with the right size and amenities when you need it. 4 & Co offers a range of meeting rooms to support different needs and purposes. Each of them is fully equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, free coffee and tea, and smart TVs to help you get tasks done!

All meeting rooms are bookable by the hour.


$60/Per Hour

Rent our boardroom has the ultimate executive, polished meetings. Whether you are gathering to talk about your company’s latest performance or discussing new plans moving forward, the room is designed for a modern and professional meeting with high-level members of your team. If you hold regular meetings with the board, you can easily pre-book our rooms to secure a venue in time for them.

Collab/Creative Room

$50/Per Hour

If you need to work with your team to brainstorm or think of some innovative concepts for your business, our creative rooms have the perfect setting for these types of meetings. Get together with your team to work on impending outputs or talk about upcoming plans. We make sure to provide the right atmosphere and ambiance to motivate you to collaborate with others so that you can get as much done from your meeting.

Large Conference/Training Room

$75/Per Hour

Our large conference rooms can accommodate up to 45 people based on the specific conference room you book. Our room is a dynamic and flexible setup, we’re able to accommodate you for your needs. Equipped with the videoconferencing audiovisual equipment you need to hold productive sessions with your team or guests. Can be configured any way you need for training, presentations, conferences, etc. We have different-sized rooms to support your team size and the amenities to help you proceed more smoothly.

Podcast Studio

$25/Per Hour

When recording a podcast, you would need a quiet space with soundproof walls to get a clean and crisp audio output. Our podcast studio is designed to give you just that. While you may think that our meeting rooms are just for traditional usages like conferences and board meetings, these special places also allow you to record podcasts easily and conveniently. Bookable by the hour.