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Mental Health Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space

Mental Health Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space

What Are Some of the Mental Health Benefits of Coworking?

Mental health has increasingly become a focus for researchers around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated the stress levels of many people worldwide. Increasingly researchers are beginning to see mental health issues on the rise due to the isolation and stress. This is caused by the pandemic, especially since so many workplaces closed and reverted to working from home or remote work.

Coworking spaces have many advantages, but one of the benefits of coworking is improved mental health. Here are some of the mental health benefits of coworking.

The pandemic and its effects have caused a 25% increase in anxiety and depression among Americans, according to researchers. When an employee is isolated and doesn’t get the opportunity of talking to people, it increases those feelings of anxiety and depression. A coworking environment works to reduce stress levels. This can lower anxiety levels and increase chemicals in the brain that reduce symptoms of depression.

More Mental Health Benefits of Coworking

Another of the mental health benefits of coworking is flexibility. Having a coworking space means that work environments are more flexible. Office spaces are no longer staid and boring.

Even workdays have changed. In a coworking environment, the line between work at home and work in an office is blurred. Employees can come into the workspace when they need to and take advantage of flexible seating arrangements.

One of the top reasons employees either change jobs or remain with an employer is the need for flexibility and a work-life balance. Business owners who find ways to change around their office space and welcome in remote workers. Many employers find that the flexibility of the coworking space leads to increased productivity. When employees increase their productivity, that benefits your business’ bottom line.

Mental health benefits of coworking include an increase in collaboration. Research has shown that when workers are allowed to group desks together and work, it reduces stress and feelings of loneliness and boosts productivity.

This is especially important because when employees spend time talking to people. Your coworking space can become as collaborative as coffee shops, where great brainstorming occurs. Employee collaboration can cut the negative impact of isolation as well. Your employees will be happier and less stressed, which means it will be that much easier for them to collaborate and come up with new ideas.

Finally, another of the mental health benefits of coworking benefits younger employees. Many employees in their early to mid-20s were not in the workplace before the COVID-19 pandemic. They may have spent two years in high school or college in isolation. This means they may not have the same collaboration or socialization skills as older employees.

Business owners can work with their younger employees and help them understand the value of collaboration. While this “teaching” may sound tedious, it increases the capability of employees to work together. Many researchers find that when employees can work together, they are happier at work and less stressed.

How Can I Use Coworking Spaces for My Business?

There are several ways you can use coworking spaces to increase your business’ productivity. First, you can use flexible groupings and hybrid workspaces to get projects completed. These flexible groupings allow employees to move around and work with different people depending on the project.

Also, coworking spaces can be upsized or downsized depending on the project. If you need more space to complete a job or project, you can get more office space. You can then downsize after the project is complete. Plus, coworking spaces allow your employees to network with other people in different fields. This can only help the flow of ideas for your company.

When employees are allowed to talk and work with other people, their productivity increases, and their anxiety and depression decreases. Working with other people also gives employees a chance to take mental health breaks with coffee and conversation, or just to stretch their legs and walk around the coworking space. It’s easy to see how coworking spaces can help improve employee mental health.

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