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Do You Need to Bring a Monitor for Your Hot Desk?

Do You Need to Bring a Monitor for Your Hot Desk?

What should you bring to your hot desk?

Coworking spaces cater to the average freelancer, remote worker, startup, student, or individual tired of working from home or in a traditional office. For this reason, you have several options that allow you to be productive in a hybrid workspace.

You can choose your work area through a hot desk or a dedicated desk. But what is the difference between the two options?

A hot desk is often a short-term arrangement where you pay hourly or through a day pass. Walk-in guests can reserve a desk spot but must share the room with other users. However, you cannot keep your valuables or other personal objects on the desk.

In contrast, a permanent desk refers to an arrangement where you rent a dedicated space weekly, monthly, or annually. Unfortunately, walk-in clients cannot book a dedicated desk since they must sign contracts to reserve their workspace memberships.

Do You Need to Bring Monitors to Coworking Spaces?

Hot desking follows an open plan format. People can find a desk on a first-come, first-served basis. Consider a library where you may find a quiet place to do your assignment. Even though it is your favorite place, you do not have exclusive rights to the chair.

In contrast, you have a dedicated desk all to yourself when you choose this option.

In a hot-desking environment, you are responsible for bringing your laptop, monitor, and keyboard. Coworking spaces will provide height-adjustable tables, ergonomic chairs, and fast Wi-Fi amenities.

Of course, you need to bring your gadgets and other belongings with you once your time is up so that other people can use the desk.

What Can You Bring to Your Hot Desk?

The coworking space does not restrict what to bring to your hot desk. With that in mind, you need to properly plan how to prepare your desk space if you decide not to work from home.

  • Laptop — Remember you need to be able to get in and out in no time since you are sharing desks. However, if you rent a permanent desk, you can set up your monitor, keyboard, and mouse because nobody else can touch your belongings.
  • Phones, chargers, and other gadgets— Coworking spaces usually feature fast Wi-Fi, so bring your phone to connect to the Internet and do your tasks faster. Each workstation also includes a power outlet to charge your devices without wasting your battery. You should also bring headphones to block out the noise and distractions.
  • Pens, notebooks, and documents — You need to bring your notes, markers, and other materials necessary to be productive.

How Do Coworking Spaces Prepare their Hot Desks?

Coworking spaces usually have all the furniture and amenities that users need to finish their work.

  1. You can have a standing desk since each height-adjustable table can accommodate a user whether they prefer standing up or sitting down.
  2. Ergonomic chairs also ensure that you do not hurt your back or neck from hours of seating.
  3. Charging ports and power outlets guarantee that users can continue their work unimpeded.
  4. High-speed Wi-Fi allows consistent connection to the Internet if you need to do some research or email your boss or teachers to turn in your work.
  5. You can also store your belongings in lockers provided for users, especially those renting permanent desks long-term.
  6. Common areas or lounges allow you to take a break from your work and socialize with other coworking space customers.
  7. Some coworking spaces offer coffee stations for unlimited access to caffeine. They all have a fully functioning kitchen with hot and cold water access.

Hot Desks and Dedicated Spaces vs. Private Offices

One common question about coworking spaces is the matter of privacy. Since you are sharing desks with virtual strangers, you might be worried about the noise and distractions.

Fortunately, the coworking space already anticipated this issue, and one solution is to allocate team offices and private offices to ensure privacy.

These team and private offices have enclosures that separate the users from the prying eyes of other individuals sharing the same space. A team office can accommodate up to 32 people, while a private office is limited to three freelancers or remote workers.

Like dedicated desks, you can rent these private offices for a week, month, or a year, depending on your needs.

Want to Know More About Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces are designed to help their users maximize their time in a shared environment. If you still have some questions regarding 4&Co.’s services, call our team at (727) 725-2745 and field your inquiries to our knowledgeable staff. In addition, we can give you a free tour of our facility to familiarize you with our packages and amenities.

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