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Questions to Ask on Your Coworking Space Tour

Questions to Ask on Your Coworking Space Tour

On your coworking space tour? Here’s what you should ask!

Over a million businesses worldwide use coworking spaces, with over 3 million people using shared office spaces each year. The number of businesses and people using coworking spaces are expected to double in the next few years. If you are thinking about using coworking space, it’s time to take a coworking space tour to see if the collaborative working space will benefit your company and its employees.

Here are some questions you need to ask on your coworking space tour.

What If I Need to Upsize or Downsize My Space Quickly?

One important question you need to ask on your coworking space tour is about the work environments and how flexible they are when you need to upsize or downsize quickly. Most coworking spaces cater to real estate agencies, entrepreneurs, individuals, and small businesses at an early stage. On your tour, be sure and ask about whether the coworking company offers dedicated office spaces for their clients. That way, you’ll always have a spot to work.

If you’re worried about upsizing or downsizing quickly, ask about office space rental and how it works. Many coworking spaces have hot desks available for remote workers who need to come in and work on a project. Maybe you need private offices or meeting rooms for an hour or two at a time. While traditional office configurations would not allow you to rent rooms temporarily, most hybrid workspace or coworking space have various spaces for you to rent, so you can upsize or downsize when you need to.

How Are Spaces Configured?

Another important question for a new workspace is how the coworking company allocates space for shared work and employees working from home. If you want to rent a large coworking space for your employees, is that possible? Can your company have a dedicated workspace?

Most coworking companies have large, shared spaces for anyone to come in and use, but a good coworking company will also have dedicated spaces available for rent. That means your company will be able to use the same space each day, once a week, or even once a month. Be sure and ask whether the company has rental plans for collaborating employees.

Do You Have Safety and Security Concerns?

Many business owners are concerned with the safety and security of their workforce, so you want to ask the coworking space company about their policies on safety and security. Each coworking company should have a security plan. For example, does the coworking space have a security plan in case of an emergency, such as a fire, flood, or hurricane? This is important information you and your employees need to know.

Business owners are also concerned about personal safety and security, especially in the current climate. You may want to ask about the crime rate in the area, and security measures the coworking company has taken, such as cameras and outdoor lighting. Is the building accessible 24 hours a day, or are there specific hours for the space?

Often, the coworking company has personal security measures inside the building as well as outside. Ask if they have office spaces with locked doors, or if your employees have access to lockers, locking desks or other spaces where they could secure their personal belongings. Many coworking spaces have provisions for personal belongings, so your employees can have a feeling of safety and security.

Questions About Logistics

There are several questions about logistics you will need to ask during your tour of a coworking space. For example, what is the climate and culture of the shared spaces? Your employees need to be able to work in a positive, energetic atmosphere, so it is important that the climate of the coworking space reflects collaboration, energy and creativity.

You will also want to ask about the coworking space company’s pricing plans. Take a look at all of the options offered before you make a decision. Ask about rental rates for dedicated spaces, such as conference rooms, collaboration spaces, and large meeting rooms. You need to know how much using different areas in the coworking space will cost your business.

Other logistical questions might center on amenities. For example, you need to know that your employees will have blazing fast internet speeds to work. Does the coworking space have a place for making coffee, storing lunches, and an area for snacking and visiting?

Are there fun events hosted by the coworking space? Many coworking companies have amenities and a calendar of event offerings for their business clients. If you want to create a collaborative community with other businesses, social and business get-togethers are important. Ask about all of the amenities you can look forward to if you decide to rent coworking space.

Contact 4&Co. to Schedule Your Tour and Get all Your Cowokring Space Tour Questions Answered! 

Before you go for your coworking tour, take some time and write some questions down that you need answered. If you wait to think of questions before you go to tour the coworking company, you may walk away with unanswered questions. If you are looking for coworking space in Pasco or coworking space in Clearwater, 4&Co. has all kinds of spaces that can suit your coworking needs, no matter the size of your company.

We have monthly rental plans for your small business. If you are just starting out, you can pay a small monthly rental fee for a hot desk or a dedicated desk space. When you need a larger area, we offer monthly plans for a small office that suits one to three people with a dedicated conference room or meeting room.

Business owners can choose to rent a collaborative space with hourly rentals for meetings, conferences, or group events. We also have large meeting rooms for larger gatherings when you need to do a large presentation. We offer security and privacy, as well as a place to have mail and packages delivered to.

When you need coworking space solutions, we can help. Contact 4&Co. today and let us help you find the perfect coworking space for you and your small business.

Schedule a tour of our new Pasco facility today!

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