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Why Remote Workers are Choosing Coworking Spaces

Why Remote Workers are Choosing Coworking Spaces

Why do employees love remote office spaces?

Remote work is now on the rise, thanks to the advancement of digital technology. As a result, many small or up-and-coming businesses gravitate to this setup since it grants them more flexibility and cost savings. However, the lack of a physical work environment and social interactions can also have drawbacks.

Given the adverse effects of prolonged remote working, many start-ups provide their teams with coworking spaces as an alternative remote office space to help them accomplish their work. Coworking spaces have changed the definition of the modern workplace, introducing a more flexible work culture that promotes productivity and creativity.

Here, you can get to know more about what coworking spaces offer and why more remote workers are joining them.

The Importance of a Physical Workplace

The prevalence of virtual work has emphasized just how important it is to have a physical office. While working at home helps you avoid the long commute hours, it can also be difficult to find motivation due to the informal environment. In addition, workers may not have a proper office space at home, and the many distractions often make it challenging to separate work and personal life.

Overall, the physical work environment can significantly influence your staff members’ productivity, concentration, and motivation. As such, the beauty of a shared office space is that you can provide your teams with a physical workplace, even though they may be working remotely.

To get more insight, Harvard Business Review studied how coworking affects people’s professional identities. One interesting finding was that these shared spaces helped give people a sense of legitimacy and professionalism. In a way, having a physical workplace made others see their work as more legitimate than in the typical remote working setup.

Coworking Offers More Than Just a Remote Office Space

Doubtless, coworking offers a remote office space to help your employees stay productive and on top of their tasks. With several rooms and areas to choose from, you can easily get a team space, meeting room, conference room, or private office space, depending on your employees’ needs.

What’s more, a coworking space offers other valuable benefits for individual workers and remote teams beyond the physical aspect.

Lack of Office Politics

Many enjoy coworking spaces more than traditional offices since it eliminates the possibility of internal politics. Workers feel more at ease since they can be themselves and dictate when and where to work. Likewise, they will be with coworkers who likely come from different organizations, so there is less pressure for them to excel.

Social Interaction

Employees who work alone for long hours every day can quickly feel isolated from the world. Thus, while businesses often use coworking hubs as a remote office space for their teams, the main difference is that these shared spaces combat the biggest problem with traditional remote work: loneliness.

In a coworking space, you might be working independently, but you have the company of several other workers around you. This allows you to have the in-person interactions that you would typically have in an office, albeit with coworkers from different companies and professions. In effect, coworking helps workers feel happier and less lonely.

Creative Inspiration

Another valuable benefit of coworking offices is the fresh and unique environment. Where most traditional offices have a rigid layout, coworking office spaces are designed to be more open and flexible. As a result, you can freely choose your workspace based on your preferences and needs, and the overall vibe is more conducive to creativity and inspiration.

Given this, coworking spaces can be the perfect remote office space to inspire new and creative ideas. These shared spaces instill a sense of community and collaboration, and offer the ideal balance between flexibility and structure. You can even switch between workspaces if you feel unmotivated.

Likewise, the ability to interact with coworkers helps you gain new perspectives on how you can tackle problems and accomplish your tasks.


Finally, one of the biggest reasons remote workers enjoy the coworking lifestyle is the networking opportunities. In a regular office, you would only meet your colleagues, but you get to meet all types of professionals in a coworking office. This exposure allows you to expand your network, which will be helpful for future endeavors.

These new contacts can be valuable connections for small business owners to help grow their business and put their brand out there. Likewise, for freelancers and independent workers, interactions with coworkers will be helpful in improving their networking circle, which may lead to more professional opportunities in the future.

Join Coworking Spaces Today to Empower Your Remote Teams

No doubt, coworking spaces can empower your remote teams to become more productive and inspire creativity in their work. With 4 & Co’s flexible terms and memberships, you can also skip the long-term commitment needed in office space rentals.

Our coworking office spaces include:

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