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How Does a Shared Office Space Work?

How Does a Shared Office Space Work?

How does a shared office space work for employees?

The definition of a workplace is constantly evolving. Nowadays, coworking has become more popular among workers and small businesses because of its flexibility. However, for those unfamiliar with the concept of shared office space, the arrangement may initially sound confusing. How does it work? Who is included in the space? Who do you work with?

To help you understand the growing trend for coworking, check out the information below to learn more about how shared offices work and why they are so attractive today.

What are Coworking Spaces?

A coworking space is where people work independently on their projects or assemble in groups to work on projects together. The main difference is that people usually come from different companies and professions compared to a traditional office, where employees are all under the same company.

Coworking spaces offer WiFi, printers, coffee, tea, a lounge area, and other amenities that you would typically find in an office to stay productive with your work. However, the most attractive benefit of these shared spaces is flexibility. You can choose which types of spaces you want and can even subscribe to a shorter membership length as opposed to long-term leases.

How Do Shared Spaces Work?

Coworking hubs will usually charge a monthly membership fee, depending on what rooms you want to use. Here are some of the common coworking spaces you will find:

  1. Open Workspaces

This type is most suitable for independent or remote workers looking for a productive area other than cafes and libraries. They can either sign up for hot desks—any random open desk—or get a dedicated desk that they can return to every time.

As the term open implies, this workspace is essentially an open area where employees from different companies can work at various times and places. You can think of it this way—the workplace will stay as is, but the desk occupants will rotate and change. Every time someone leaves a desk, another person will occupy it.

  1. Private Offices

If you have a small group looking for a productive area to work in, private offices will come in handy. In this space, you have more privacy but still enjoy the benefits of shared office space with a few coworkers.

  1. Team Offices

The team offices will be most suitable for small businesses to avoid expensive leases since you can collaborate with your team and have a dedicated space. Even with remote teams, you can still purchase a membership to give your employees an optional space to work in.

Some coworking hubs may also offer meeting rooms or a conference room to go with their office, which will be helpful for huddles and discussions.

Merits of a Shared Office Space for Everyone

Those who have never tried a shared office space may initially find the idea hard to grasp due to its open nature. However, coworking spaces have become more and more popular among workers and business owners because of the flexibility, cost savings, creative ambiance, and sense of community.

Generally, these shared spaces appeal to freelancers, start-ups, and small business owners since most of them do not need a permanent office space. However, as of late, larger businesses are starting to see the merits of shared working spaces.

Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Salesforce, HSBC, and many others have begun moving their teams into coworking office spaces due to the flexibility and customizability that they offer. Coworking spaces also allow them to scale quickly and move into different geographies by using flexible offices in new locations to meet their customers’ demands.

Overall, the modern workplace is significantly different from what it used to be. Now, more than ever, agile and innovative companies understand how an open and collaborative environment in a shared workspace can benefit their employees.

Join a Coworking Space Today

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