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Six People You’ll Meet in a Coworking Space

Six People You’ll Meet in a Coworking Space

What personalities will you likely encounter working in a coworking space?

If you are thinking about renting a coworking space, congratulations! You are set for an exciting place to grow and maintain your business. For businesses that have never worked in a coworking space before, you need to know what types of people you’re going to find in a shared office space setting.

Here are seven examples of people you may encounter in a coworking space.

1)   The Freelancer

It makes sense that you will run into a lot of freelancers in a hybrid workspace because coworking spaces were designed for freelancers. Often, freelancers hang out at hot desks or a shared, collaborative work environment because they are always looking for new ideas. You may even be able to hire one of those freelancers from time to time to work on projects for your company.

Most freelancers are amazing to bounce ideas off of, and they can be a catalyst for all kinds of people working on new ideas and concepts, but a word of caution here. Make sure the freelancers you are sharing ideas with only gets the general idea of what you’re working on, rather than specifics. You wouldn’t want your best ideas to be stolen by possible competition with freelancers in office spaces.

2)   Small Business Owners

Many kinds of small business owners use coworking spaces. Real estate agents, technology startups, consultants, and creative businesses such as communication, social media cooperatives, or graphic artists use coworking spaces. With the use of collaborative workspaces, remote work is possible some days, as is working from home. Business owners may want to use the coworking space as a hub for their employees to gather or for people working on projects in a collaborative setting.

Often, small business owners start their businesses in their homes, and as the business grows, they need office spaces that both present a professional look to prospective clients and give their recent hires a place to work that isn’t in a home. Once they move into a coworking space, and their business continues to grow, small business owners may need a private office, or 24/7 access to a meeting room. Coworking spaces are perfect for them, as they can upsize or downsize the space they need depending on projects and business success.

It’s great to collaborate with other small business owners, as you can share resources. You may be able to work with them on projects your business isn’t big enough to tackle on its own. If you’re a freelancer, collaborating with small business owners may mean more work for you.

3)   The Professional

For a professional, such as a lawyer, coworking spaces are perfect, because the office space can include a small private office for working, and a small conference room for meetings with remote workers or clients. Their working activity needs space for quiet work and reflection. Many small business owners who share coworking space with professionals say they are an inspiration to continuing to move their business forward. If you want to get to know a professional, you can always request a coffee break or lunch meeting to get to know them better. You also might encounter them at coworking events. Because they value their work time, stopping in for a chat isn’t usually a good idea.

4)   The Networker

Networkers are good people to know, especially if you are new to a coworking space. Networkers are good to have around because they know everyone in the coworking space, their jobs, and the ins and outs of problem-solving. These are true extroverts who love making connections for other people. When you’re new to a coworking space, the networker can help you with managing an event, give you advice on the best places to work collaboratively with others, and might be able to troubleshoot your problem with which meeting space to rent for your next business presentation.

When you are new to the coworking space, one of your first steps should be to find a networker and make them a colleague.

5)   The Busy Bee

Busy bees in a coworking space are those people who live in their collaborative space merely to work. They are not interested in socializing; they are interested in getting their work done quickly and efficiently. You won’t be able to engage these bees in a coffee break, but they may be interested in a coworking event when their workday is finished. However, if some of your employees need an example of work ethic, these busy bees are a great example of working hard.

6)   The Late Night Worker

One of the best reasons coworking spaces work for business owners is because most coworking spaces are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows those late-night people to have a safe, secure spot to come up with ideas and complete projects during an all-nighter. About 25% of people are night owls, who get their best ideas at night. If you work regular business hours, you may never see the late-night workers, but know that if you are pulling an all-nighter, you’ll have plenty of company.

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