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Wellness Memberships in Pasco

Wellness Memberships in Pasco County, Florida

Beyond providing flexible coworking spaces for professionals and businesses, 4&Co. also offers a range of wellness memberships to support health, wellness, and beauty practitioners. We know how hard it can be to find a space to practice your craft, especially if you are new and still getting your name out there. That’s why we’re here to help.

Our wellness memberships in Pasco are highly flexible, so you can easily adjust the terms based on your needs. No more committing to a long-term lease or a huge space when you only need a specific size and for a particular time. Instead, check out our membership selection below to learn more about your options and find the best coworking space for your needs.

Yoga Room

Our yoga room is designed for yoga instructors looking to hold one-on-one sessions or group classes with their students. We can customize your membership accordingly, whether you need a small space for an intimate style or more space for a larger group. The room also has free WiFi and can support hot yoga if required.


Our fully equipped gym is the perfect space for personal trainers to hold sessions with their clients. However, you can only use and pay for the gym space when you have scheduled appointments with our flexible terms. Or, if you have regular sessions and prefer a more extended membership, we also offer a monthly membership option with a flat fee. Regardless, this membership includes free high-speed WiFi and meeting room credits.

Salon and Barber Room

We also have a wellness space for salon stylists to provide their services. Aside from free WiFi and meeting room credits, these memberships also come with salon and barber chairs, wash sinks, and drawers for your clients. If you know any other stylists looking for a place to rent, you can even work out an arrangement to share the space with them.

Treatment Room

Our coworking spaces in Pasco can also be used as treatment rooms for massage therapists, estheticians, acupuncturists, cosmetologists, or hypnotists. If you are interested, these memberships include a height-adjustable chair and sink to ensure you can provide your treatments conveniently.

Why Choose 4&Co.’s Wellness Memberships?

4&Co. aims to offer functional wellness coworking spaces to help you practice your craft efficiently and productively.

By choosing our memberships, you can get the following:

Flexible Terms for Affordability and Convenience

Our flexible wellness memberships give you a fully equipped space to practice your craft without breaking the bank. You can freely choose what type of space you need and how long you will rent it for, allowing you to keep your costs at a minimum. We know how high leasing costs can get in Pasco, so we aim to solve this dilemma for most practitioners.

Fully Equipped Wellness Coworking Spaces

Our wellness coworking spaces are fully equipped with everything you need to conduct your fitness classes or provide services to clients. For example, our gym has all the equipment and machines you need for your training sessions. Likewise, our stylist rooms come with salon chairs and wash sinks. Thus, you no longer must spend extra to set up your space.

Access to New Client Base from Coworking Spaces

Here at 4&Co., we aim to create a welcoming coworking environment that allows our members to achieve a proper work-life balance. We also include wellness-related amenities like gym access in our workspace memberships. With this, you benefit from accessing to a new client base from our coworkers looking to destress or stay in shape.

Sign Up for Wellness Memberships in Pasco Today

4&Co.’s wellness memberships are the perfect solution for beauty, health, and wellness practitioners seeking an affordable workspace to rent. With our flexible leasing options, you can easily adjust your terms to match your needs and availability. Contact our team today at (727) 725-2745 to sign up for a membership in Pasco.