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What Do 4&Co. Wellness Memberships Offer?

What Do 4&Co. Wellness Memberships Offer?

Check out the amenities and benefits of a wellness membership at 4&Co.!

Coworking offices have become increasingly popular in recent years, defining the modern workplace. They provide flexibility and cost savings for small businesses that cannot commit to the long-term lease that regular offices require.

Beyond being traditional office alternatives, coworking spaces also serve as a great location for health, beauty, and wellness practitioners to perform their services.

At 4&Co., our wellness memberships offer a variety of benefits for wellness practitioners. These memberships allow you to bring in more clients without breaking the bank and allowing you to enjoy all the benefits and amenities of our coworking spaces!

Wellness Memberships at 4&Co.

Yoga Room for Instructors

This membership is designed for yoga instructors who need a place to conduct their classes. You can rent the yoga room to hold one-on-one classes or book a larger room for group classes.

Regardless, signing up for this membership gives you access to a business address you can use to attract more students and practice your crafts.

All rooms come with high-speed WiFi to support your tech needs. They can also support the temperature needed for hot yoga classes, making them an all-around location for yoga instructors to teach their lessons.

Gym for Personal Trainers

Coworking spaces usually have gyms as part of their amenities for members. However, these fully equipped areas double as a facility for their wellness memberships, which personal trainers can sign up for to hold their sessions with clients.

Their gyms have reliable WiFi and all the equipment and tools you need to conduct your classes effectively.

One of the biggest advantages of this membership is its flexibility. You can choose to pay per session—that is, only when you use the coworking space. Or alternatively, you can pay a fixed monthly rate to have unlimited access to the gym during that time.

Salon and Barber Chairs for Stylists

If you are an independent or freelance stylist looking for an affordable workspace, this membership is designed especially for you.

Aside from the actual space, the coworking provider will also provide the barber or salon chairs, wash sinks, and drawers to help reduce the financial burden on your part.

You can maximize the use of their coworking spaces by finding other stylists who also need a workspace. You can agree on how to split and share the space and costs, depending on each of your needs.

Treatment Rooms for Therapists

Finally, you can also use coworking spaces as treatment rooms for professionals ranging from massage therapists to cosmetologists and estheticians. These rooms come with sinks, height-adjustable chairs, and free WiFi.

When offering these types of services, providing a relaxing and calming atmosphere is key. So, having a private area to treat your clients or patients can make all the difference in their satisfaction.

Benefits of Wellness Memberships

Signing up for wellness membership through coworking areas provides practitioners with a flexible and convenient location to offer their services at a reasonable rate.

Aside from having access to the coworking spaces and corresponding amenities, here are other key benefits you can get from their memberships:

Clients from coworking spaces

Coworking offices have a large and established community of members who regularly come in for their shared working spaces or meeting rooms.

This gives you access to a wide client base, should you decide to rent one of their rooms for your services. When professionals need to unwind or pamper themselves, they can get a massage, facial, haircut, or spa treatment.

Or, for those with active lifestyles, they can attend yoga classes or schedule personal training sessions to stay fit while they work.

Overall, there are tons of opportunities for you to provide your services in this type of setting, which makes the wellness membership even more advantageous!

Meeting room credits

Another extra perk you can get from the wellness membership is meeting room credits, which allow you to get discounts if you ever need to book their meeting rooms. The next time you need a meeting room, these credits can come in handy if you plan to hold a conference, seminar, or similar event with other guests.

With this, you can avoid huge expenses and focus on growing your clients!

Sign Up for Wellness Memberships Today

Leasing a private office space can be costly, especially if you are still growing your client base and building your name.

To learn more about the wellness memberships and sign up for your preferred one, call 4&Co today at (727) 725-2745.

You can tour our facilities in Clearwater and Pasco to envision how your services will fit into the space, and then decide on the most suitable package.

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