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What is a Hot Desk and What are Some of the Benefits?

What is a Hot Desk and What are Some of the Benefits?

What Is a Hot Desk?

Hot desks offer great benefits if you do remote work. Here is a guide to understanding what a hot desk and the benefit of hot desking is.

Hot desking is a relatively new term. Researchers found the word hot desks originated in the late 1980s or the early 1990s in Silicon Valley. Technology giants such as Google, Facebook, and Apple pioneered the desk-sharing concept. It has spread to office spaces all over the world.

The answer to “what is a hot desk” is simple. Hot desks are desks that aren’t used by a single person but are instead shared by multiple people, usually in a coworking space. Even if an employee worked in the desk the day before, hot desks aren’t reserved.

In a traditional office, one person works at each desk, but in hybrid workspaces, that doesn’t happen. Hot desks are flexibly grouped, which means the desks can be moved around to accommodate team members and projects.

What Is a Hot Desk Benefit?

There are several benefits to hot desking.

Hot desks provide cost savings to businesses. When businesses offer hot desks, they can usually downsize their office space, which can save the company thousands of dollars.

  1. Hot desks mean flexible workspace and hybrid workplaces. When you use hot desks, you can create flexible work areas. Hot desks can be moved around when employees are working from home, The desks can be moved to a conference room, private offices, or meeting rooms to accommodate campaigns or project groupings. You can even group desks by hybrid work subjects or remote workers.
  2. If you use the hot desk method, you may be able to create relationships between employees or coworking acquaintances that share the coworking space. This allows for creative ideas to flow into the desking spaces and allows people to make connections and strengthen the bond between your employees. When your employees make connections within your company as well as other companies you share a space with, productivity and quality of the work increase.
  3.  Employees don’t have to reserve a desk. In general, employees don’t have assigned desks, because the nature of coworking space is desk flexibility. What if you have an employee-worked project that needs dedicated space for their project and work area. That’s not a problem. Some coworking spaces practice desking hoteling, which means you or your employees can reserve desks in advance. Many coworking spaces offer a combination of reserved desks and hot desks to maximize the workspace usefulness for businesses.
  4. Hot desking offers your business the flexibility you need. Suppose your company is working on a large project, and you need to hire some temporary workers to help your full-time employees come up with project ideas, carry out the project, and complete the project. You will need a workspace that you can scale up quickly as the project gets started, and when it’s complete, you can then scale down the project and reconfigure the desks.

What Are Some Great Ways to Use the Hot Desk System?

There are three major ways employers can use the hot desk system to their advantage.

1)   The Office Neighborhood Concept: In an office neighborhood concept, departments of employees work in a shared space. Businesses can have multiple office neighborhoods in a coworking space. Often, businesses have hot desks in each neighborhood so that employees can move around, or the hot desks can be used for temporary workers you need for a working season or a project. Depending on the size of your business, you may need a way to reserve some of the hot desks while leaving others for flexible groupings.

2)   Activity-Based Workspace: In the activity-based workspace concept, all of the groupings for your business are based on the type of work done by your employees. For example, if it is tax season, and you have employees pulling files and records for your accountants to file business taxes, they need to be in a grouping so they can combine and share files electronically.

If you have a project deadline coming up, you may want to combine writers, designers, and editors in one workspace until the project is done. Hot desks are great for projects, especially if you need employees to oversee more than one project at a time, or you need hybrid or contract workers to come into the coworking space.

3)   Agile Workplace Grouping: With an agile workplace grouping, employees have the decision-making authority if they complete their work by a specific date. They can choose when to come into work, where to work, and how to group their desks. Hot desks can be used in several variations in an agile workplace grouping. Many employers have flexible groupings of hot desks in a coworking space for employees to gather for project work, status meetings, and even project completion celebrations.

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There are many ways to use a coworking space in today’s 21st-century workplace. If you are a business owner who needs additional office space for your growing company, or you are renting additional space for a project, using hot desks in a hybrid workspace is a great way to maximize space, make connections between employees who are working on projects, and increase productivity through increased idea generation. Using flexible workspaces with hot desks also saves your business time and money.

As the economy continues to fluctuate, and employees demand workspace flexibility, renting coworking spaces is a great way to save money and increase business flexibility. You’ll be able to increase or decrease your business floor space based on your project needs and deadlines.

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